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Illustration Friday Theme:IMAGINATION


Check out the other imaginative works over at Illustration Friday.

Comments (8)

very cool, love the eye on the balloon


Or is it a hole in the wall with a giant peering through?

It's a trompe l'oeil!

John Cox:

Hey KH
Thanks for the encouraging word. I wanted to explore a surreal vibe in this one.

Hey Z
That's a fine approach to another idea down the line. An eye peering through a piece of art, but it's also part of the depicted art composition. Neat.

Doc Al:

I think Party City should sell balloons with eyeballs on them - I'd certainly buy a pair now and then. Or ears. Or boobs.


Nice one. I imagine my imagination as an untethered kite sailing through the air. It pulls me in tow with its tail as my "blindfold."


"They" make 'em. Don't know who sells 'em, though.

John Cox:

Hey T

Poetry....thought provoking poetry. Nice

Dr. Bob:

They actually make balloons with eyes on them - they supposedly can be hung in buildings to scare birds from occupying the building. Haven't a clue if they actually work.

John - That's surreal thing.

Looks to me that it's l'oeil sans le trompe!

John Cox:

Hey Dr Bob

C'est vrai. Merci.


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