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Sorry for the OT, but you wouldn't happen to have a copy of the C&F "Tuesday Morning" lying around, would you?

John Cox:

HEY Dicentra

Today is a heavy day of remembrance. I decided to overlook this sad fact and continue with my output.

Your "OT" hit home. Thanks for the effort.

So it goes...


So...instead of "Never Forget", it's better to slander, insult and ridicule someone who is clearly not senile?

I'm out of here, dude.
...you're no longer funny.

Dr. Bob:

Notice (at least to me) that the chair appears to be a "highchair" suitable for infants and the current POTUS.

At least it's not a potty chair, given how much s**t he's been dumping.

I think Clint did an amazing job consider it was all ad libbed. No way in hell could I have done that.

k -

Stick around - humor sometimes falls flat - as flat as the current job growth.


“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” – Samuel Adams

Yo Menashe:

This is disappointing, I was looking for a smile today after all the bad news. You seem to have seen something that wasn't there in Eastwood's "conversation with Obama".

Did you even watch his speech? He never raised his voice once.

Eastwood is producing at least 2 movies this year and has new ones scheduled for next year too, that is not someone who is senile.



Ah, ad libbing could explain it. I cringed every time Clint stammered, as though he was going senile and embarrassing himself, but he rescued every sentence. The actual content of his speech was brilliant.

He was mean, though. I think the rest of them were trying to be extra careful with Obama to avoid charges of racism, but Clint didn't care. Other than the stammering, it was funny and had a bunch of great points. I'm glad he gave it.


Clint rocked. It isn't like Barry is "well-spoken" when off-script.

John Cox:

Hey Gang

Heard ya.

Just poking fun at an absurd political moment.

If I catch my granddad speaking to an unoccupied piece of furniture, I'm a bit worried. Apparently, an international movie icon gets a pass (surprise!). Mea culpa.


Yeah, skits are excepted. Then again, I've talked to inanimate objects before without an audience. But I don't stammer when I do! That's plus one for me, I think. :)


Your granddad is probably not an actor. Nor does he have an audience of millions watching him - perform.


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