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Opening Up


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Tom Wms.:

Well said.

Ed B:

The answer is way too direct. Needs more obfuscation.


"We condemn that insulting question in the strongest terms! Terms like maybe and perhaps and if so, it's Mitt's fault. Squirrel!"


Define "vague".


That depends on the definition of "is".

Yo Menashe:

Love it John, ROFL on all the responses too, esp Craniac's definition of "is".



The correctest answer is "Racist!"

IMO, better answers would be:

"Let me be... uh..."

"Make no mistake..."

[BSoD] "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to protect your computer. MEMORY_MANAGEMENT... Collecting data for crash dump... Initializing disk for crash dump... Beginning dump of physical memory..."

Dr. Bob:

This is great - including the whole threads of comments.

Now, can you take on the "all of us must pay our fair share" BS.

e.g the 47% who pay no Federal income tax


"And just whose fault might that be?"


I'm still waiting for the definition of their frequently used word "fair".



That's easy. "Fair" is an outcome achieved when there is wide chasm between the more equal (i.e., ruling class) & the less equal (i.e., slave class), where the less equal are equally miserable & stripped of the capacity to hold the more equal accountable.

I forget where I read it (fairly recently), but someone made the excellent point that just because Americans are relatively materially better off than many doesn't make them free, it just makes them well-kept slaves--& over time, the standard of living for slaves will fall.

Dr. Bob:

"Fair is whatever we say it is" - quote attributed to Harry Reid.


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