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and now a word from Socrates...


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Dr. Bob:

Oh put a soc in it.


I've heard that if you loan someone twenty bucks and you never see them again, that it was money well spent.


Hey Soc! For health reasons, stay away from the wine!


That's nothing, he owes me forty!

I like Craniac's. Unfortunately, it only works that way with people who feel guilty that they can't pay you back. But giving money away tends to attract the other kind.



Soc was what... 2,500 years ago? If the wine hadn't gotten him, time would have--& we might not have that nifty "Apology."


It isn't just those who can't repay. There are some scoundrels who are well set but simply "borrow" for an easy $20 (or more) they have no intention of repaying.

Yo Menashe:

ROFL - I really needed a laugh today.


John Cox:

Hey Yo

I like to shake up the ANAWF every once in a while. Keeps the Gullible Factor on its toes.


Good quote. And now I know they used "bucks" back in Ancient Greece already.


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