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Gaming Illustration Idea


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Pretty wicked idea. You either conjured up your own ├╝berbug, or that is one of many insects or arthropods I'm not familiar with (looks like a scorpion or a pseudoscorpion, but I know little about them, & I'm not aware of one with such a spider- or ant-like body).

Also made me think Time: the Apocalypse Edition--or Metamorphosis II: Gregor Goes Rogue.

John Cox:

Hey T
Yeah, I was playing with the visual concept of combining a few species: crab, spider and wasp.



I only knew what the legs were. Pass the drawn butter, please.

Doc Al:

It looks like something from the old child's game "Cootie".


Hmmmm....maybe on of them "New York City Bed Bugs". I hear they've really got an attitude.


Unintended consequence of genetic engineering. Play God, create devil.


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