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Graphic Novel Cover Illustration Idea...


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George Lucas turns novelist... Coming to a bookstore near you--if they still exist--in 3 years... THE PREQUEL...


...a dystopian mathematics thriller set in medieval times & based on B-movie westerns.

John Cox:

You got my Bradbury reference!

Your premise suggestion works in an amusing way.


Make a great weight loss ad!


Meh. T just got here first.

Dr. Bob:

RE Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 - sounds to me that MSNBC fulfills Bradbury's prediction of a dystopian society in which books and reading are destroyed by the television media resulting in the alienation of people and the suppression of dissenting ideas.

Rather prescient don't you think?

John Cox:

This wasn't an attempt at a Bradbury cover. It was just a sly reference, giving the number a bit of mystery.

My actual attempt at doing a Fahrenheit 451 cover can be seen on my Nov. 8, 2008 post.



Gotcha. I imagine "the book" being about church/denominational/government power struggle, censorship, & possibly even book burning. Maybe it's about the struggles of an open-minded loner looking at the conflict between Arminius & Gomarus & holding that such arbitrary & constrained doctrine violates the spirit & detracts from The Spirit. He's kind of a Kant-meets-Paine that history forgot (or period historians "edited out").


It goes even deeper than that. Here's a quote from “A Conversation with Ray Bradbury”, from the back of the 50th anniversary edition of Fahrenheit 451:

“The whole problem of TV and movies today is summed up by the film Moulin Rouge. It came out a few years ago and won a lot of awards. It has 4,560 half-second clips in it. The camera never stops and holds still. So it clicks off your thinking; you can’t think when you have things bombarding you like that. The average TV commercial of sixty seconds has one hundred and twenty half-second clips in it, or one-third of a second. We bombard people with sensation. That substitutes for thinking.”

Dr. Bob:

So what is that person sitting in?

a) a jail

b) a sauna

c) an outhouse

d) a sensory deprivation chamber

And what is the significance of the 451?


He looks like Samson to me. Hair's getting long and he's got a pretty firm grasp on that masonry.

Apropos of nothing, I also suspect his loin cloth would spontaneously combust at 451F.

2008.11.15: Book Cover Idea


He's being held in one of many "detention rooms" for heresy until the inquisitor arrives.

"451" refers to the 51st room on the 4th floor. "451" is an allusion to several different things. John already said he was alluding to Bradbury. "451" is a vague reference to "The Bible Wheel", which is a backhanded reference to The Da Vinci "Book". It's also used to poke fun at numerology & hypermysticism. Break "451" apart to obtain "45" or "51", "Google" these 3 numbers, & have a hoot in the nether-regions of the Interwebs.

That's not a loincloth. That's "holy underwear", a double reference to Blazing Saddles & South Park (season 7, episode 12... sort of).

John Cox:

Hey Gang

Love the participation on this one. Taking stabs at what the story might be with a cover like this.....fun to read.

You guys are a constant reminder that creativity comes in many amusingly odd packages.


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