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Ah! Spring is in the air!

BTW, Mythbusters got it wrong. Personal experience at Mt Schneeberg in winter. You do, it will.

Dr. Bob:

Rather amusing John.

I think the subject would be a wee bit more successful if he peed on the plant.

John Cox:

Hey Dr. Bob

I just liked the optimistic subtext.


Dr: Bob,

> I think the subject would be
> a wee bit more successful if
> he peed on the plant.

If that's you're interested, then you might want to check out a movie called "Cavemen". You won't be disappointed.



Evergreen! I love that the spigot comes out of the igloo. :-)


You can fertilize your plants, but you can't water your heart...

...or even your plants in Kalaallit.


"That f___ing Al Gore."

Ed B:

The Global Warming Conference in Guadalajara was going pretty much as predicted, much to the consternation of the local populace.


The "Gore Effect" takes hold in sunny Santa Barbara.

devon cox:

i see the oil line in the back ground use the oil to kill i mean water your plant

John Cox:

Hey Devon

Hmmm....I guess the arctic oil fields might come into play, eh?



Good eye, dude. The way those lines come together in the back right looks like it could be a derrick. Maybe Monument Valley in Utah, too.


Not ARCTIC. SUBTROPICAL. Santa Barbara. Guadalajara. Probably the Chicontepec Basin, too. Pay attention.

Dr. Bob:

Just a public service announcement here folks -

Even through there's a major oil boom going on in North Dakota and Alberta in the Williston Basin and the terrain there matches what's in the drawing -

There are no igloos in North Dakota.

North Dakota State - 2012 Division I Football Champions. Go Bison!


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