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Where's Hobbes?

John Cox:


No doubt. It has a Waterson vibe.



The "details" she's come forward with are plain vanilla, though. IFF Cain is being truthful, he can easily clear his name. All he has to do is challenge Ms. White to give explicit, intimate details of her "alleged" carnal knowledge of Haagen-Dazs Black Walnut--things like specific details about his anatomy, his proclivities, and a description of his typical "routine" & how his body, uh... functions. The only judge we'd need is Mrs. Cain, & the only evidence he'd need is himself. IFF.

If he did it, use the Clinton defense. Compile a video of every comment by every Lefty reporter, analyst, strategist, & water-carrier defending Billy Boy: "It was just about sex," "He ONLY lied to hide the sex stuff from his wife," & "He's REALLY good at COMPARTMENTALIZING." That video would run for DAYS.

After that, use the Obama/Race deflector. Applying contemporary Lefty logic, any media outlet or pundit who goes after a black guy (Cain/Obama) but defended/supported a white guy (Clinton/Bush) who "did the same thing" must be a racist hypocrite, right? Otherwise, there's a GAPING double standard. (Maybe I shouldn't have written "Otherwise...")

Cain had to go NOW. They have plenty of mud to sling at any other contender. They couldn't caricature him like they do Palin & Bachmann. It couldn't be done without the appearance of using stereotypical mannerisms. His other weakness--topical ignorance--doesn't come close to rivaling that of the POTUS (although I think he did major damage to himself trying to B.S. his way past the Libya question).


This stuff is such a shame, and unfortunately, it's becoming standard practice, especially for (against) conservatives and more so for Black conservatives. "BY GOD WE CAN'T HAVE THAT", it destroys all the crap we (Liberal America) has been feeding the public. This might have been started by Republicans inside the campaigns, but no doubt it was finished by Dems.

I guess he should have gotten' drunk, driven over a bridge, negligently drowned someone and not called anybody for 2 days. Apparently, that's acceptable.

Dr. Bob:

I was thinking that all this does is it means he's now qualified to be a Democrat candidate. =8-O>

Tom Wms.:

Someone very close to me said, "Well, I guess that "colored" guy won't be running for President anymore." She conveniently forgot she is a lifetime Democrat who voted for Obama, who, after all, is only "half colored".

Of course, B.O. won't admit that he is half black. He is after all, "America's first African American President", although he is only HALF African and that half isn't American.

I like Herman Cain, but as I've said before, I am not drinking anybody's cool aid until some of the vetting is done. I supported Fred, after all.


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