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Book Cover Illustration Idea


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The Prector are a funny lot. Oh, not 'funny' as in hahaha funny. Rather, funny in ways unique to their race. Now everyone is aware that they are true vegans, eating only raw and unprocessed leaves and grasses. We've got some of the same types back home on earth. But did you know that Prectors consider 'eating' on the same order that we view having sex? Yeah. They 'eat' in private. Don't even share mealtime with their own. It's a solitary thing. Oh, and now for the fun part. While we prefer to evacuate our body waste in private, the Prectors think it best done in public! In fact, they've got group settings for this to take place. And you have to pay admission! Like I said earlier. Funny lot.


Wow, I thought it was just a double entendre, but G managed to find a turd! I mean third!

"Shoots" is the past tense of "shits", right?


The drawing is mesmerizing, too, John... it's like a profile shot with the back side partly folded toward us.


Personally, I think there should be an "s" added to the end of "Eat".

A panda walks into a pub. He orders a pint & a tongue sandwich, eats, then pulls out a gun and shoots the barmaid.

"Why?!" exclaims the damsel.

The panda shrugs & gives her a badly punctuated wildlife manual on his way out. When the barmaid consults the book, she finds the explanation: "Panda--Large black and white mammal native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves."

That sounds more like a Heinlein title to me--unless this book is a satire on Prectors.

I have a question, though:

If the panda left without paying his tab, did he eat for free?




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