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Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time re-written every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? could we

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Yeah. What ever happened to What's-his-name? He advertised that he "He was rested, He was ready!"

Dr. Bob:

This election cycle seems to be "Indigestion 2012".

Or given what Obama has been doing, maybe it is "Divide and Conquer 2012".


Too much emphasis on presidential elections. "Decision 2006" & "Decision 2008" did WAY more damage sticking us with full Leftist control of the legislature (& poured salt into the gaping wounds by replacing a bad-enough Rockefeller Republican with an even-worse Leftist "Community Embroiler" in 2008).

As to 2012, at this point, the Republican POTUS candidate I'm least disappointed with is Herman Cain. After him, Newt & Ron Paul (despite Newt's baggage & their lack of dignitas) are the only two others I like.

Mitt, Rick, & Rick... Puh-leeeze. They seem like slugs to me. I'd like to see somebody dump salt on them--& the others aren't worth mentioning.

I was happy to help fire baby-face "the little Niccolò" Tom Periello. I was looking forward to firing Jim Webb in 2012, but he apparently saw the handwriting on the wall & is "retiring" after 1 term. (Rumors are swirling that little Tom might try to fill the void, although he's flying low for now.)

Number one son may be thinking "divide & conquer," but it looks more like political seppuku to me.

I hope his January 2013 bus tour is called, "Thank God & Greyhound (You're Gone)."

Doc Al:

Misty WATERCOLOR memories - how appropriate for an artist!


You didn't make a Muammar Gaddafi caricature? ....Yet?


John Cox:

Hey YO

Check out my Feb 24, 2011 and Feb 26. 2011 posts in the monthly archives on this site. Voila!


Rant Coming!

Just heard that there are 12 more scheduled Republican debates. Really???? Come on! We need to narrow this down because this shooting inside the tent stuff has to stop. All these debates are run by very liberal journalists who love to create as much chaos as possible and try to make Republican candidates look like idiots.

I could go on ranting about Iowa and New Hampshire, but you guys are probably bored by now!

Dr. Bob:

Cowboy - you're exactly right.

I suppose I should get back in the proverbial saddle and start pushing who I think would be the best alternative to the status quo, but being a charter member of the Anybody But Obama club, I have been following the debates from a distance.

Maybe someday I'll put together what I think are the issues and positions should be taken.

John Cox:

I agree with Cowboy.

The overzealous cacophony of the Republican debates DEVALUE the examination process and AMPLIFIES petty back-biting.

How about a tournament bracket, a' la March Madness, where individual candidates take each other on, advance to the next round and finally end up with a head-to-head final? They could be seeded by the amount of their campaign contributions

I'm having a hard time listening to an hour of:
"Are too!"
"Am not!"
"Are too!"
"AM NOT!!"


I like knowing how childish some of the candidates can be. They're not the guys (or gal) I want for chief exec. I like T's picks, but maybe Ron before Newt.

Thanks John, as soon as I saw the Gaddafis I recognized them. I just couldn't find them in your caricature archive.



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