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and now a word from Henry David Thoreau...


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If alive today, Davey would probably have a nervous breakdown.

Dr. Bob:

Well, I don't think he'd be as thoreau as he was then - everything these days is just slapped together and it's really hard to get a good quote anymore.

Besides today, he wouldn't march to a different drummer, it would be to a ghetto-blaster playing rap.

John Cox:

Hey G and Dr. Bob,

I thought the quote spoke to the heart of what is going on with the whole "occupying" hubbub. Except the participants seem to have no focus or real idea of the heartache significant change requires.

When I hear a cohesive raison d'etre behind the posing majority, I'll take their disobedience seriously.


I had another comment I was working on, but seeing John's post, I'd rather post this:

“When will the world learn that a million men are of no importance compared with one man?” – Henry David Thoreau

Each U.S. citizen is a minority of 0.00000032%, & a true republic protects the rights of each individual as equally as possible.

“But all this, I suppose, is in obedience to the all-prevailing principle that vox populi, vox dei; aye, Sir, the all-prevailing principle that Numbers, and Numbers alone, are to regulate all things in political society, in the very teeth of those abstract natural rights of man which constitute the only shadow of claim to exercise this monstrous tyranny.” – John Randolph, King Numbers


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