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King Vulture Study


I wanted to do a king vulture study, sensing the beauty lurking beneath the grotesque details. Sounds like a Francis Bacon painting, doesn't it? Maybe it's the vivid coloration in contrast to the reptilian skin folds.

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Nice job! Looks "regal"!

Now if you could only do something about that odor!


"Chanel", it covers a number of sins!


Vultures are really cool! Skinky (as pointed out by GF), but an evolutionary cool deal. Quite a niche!


Tell the truth, you've been watching Thundercats, and next up is another of Mumm-ra's henchmen....

Again with the bird--this looks great...you've captured something with his look.

I think this is a candidate for a large scale (32'' x 48'' ?) painting....

John Cox:


Thanks for the positive word. I like the idea that a simple drawing can be made large to amplify the line work; where the details and movement become intense.


Actually, I think it would have more impact if the title was "The Goracle".


Nice work. I drew a lot as a kid--animals, insects, & fantasy creatures derived from them were my favorite subjects.

Long story as to why I gave it up--but it's creeping back into my life.

John Cox:


Nice to hear your passion for drawing is returning. Give yourself lots of leeway and try to keep it simple. And of course, have fun.


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