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Say What?


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John Cox:

"It wants to know if there's a "expootium" section in third class."

Dr. Bob:

He's on his way to Washington, he's President Obama's new jobs Czar.

"Daddy, can you give him a mint? His breath smells like cats."

Ed B:

He says he came to this planet to "exterminate" all humans, but some punk kids got the jump on him and carjacked his Dalek battle armor.

Ed B:

He wants to know if you can recommend a good mechanic. Apparently he was on his way to Tokyo to break into the tentacle porn industry when his negative feedback transmogrifier conked out.


"Take the train if you want. If I go with him, I can get there the day before yesterday."

Rick :

He followed me home ,can I keep him Dad?


"I think that's the lobbyist who got the high-speed rail built from here to the Andromeda galaxy*."

* That "little" earmark--which was "slipped" into Obama's labor bill by an "undocumented" union "worker" loosely affiliated with SEIU--put EVERYBODY to work (even the infirmed & the incoherent "did their part" as ballasts, counterweights, door-props, or seat-cushions--& in time, all but the last workers became protein). However, the national debt grew beyond (10 → 10 → 10 → 6) trillion gold-standard dollars. The debt grew so large, nobody actually knew what it was anymore. However, there were three things they did know: (1) the richest man in America was roughly "only" 900 trillion dollars in debt, & he still wasn't paying his "fair share" in taxes; (2) the loafers were complaining because they could no longer collect unemployment benefits; & (3) the Expootiums owned them.


He said "Take me to your leader". I asked if he meant Obama. He said "No". He wants my leader. Dad, you're the best leader I know so I brought him here.


"I pushed all the buttons, but it looks like the vending machine's out of jerky. Did you want a tentacle instead?"

That is one exceptional asterisk, T.

Awww, Craniac! Too cute.

Jess Brown:

"How much do you wanna bet that TSA leaves hime alone?"


Conductor says we gotta ride in the back with the rest of the "weirdos".


He followed me home and wants to go with us to Muddy Creek Wyoming...don't ask me why?


"He asked me to carry his *&#erstoster through security. What's a *&#erstoster?"


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