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Say What?


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Ed B:

Glaze it with chocolate and add some sprinkles, then we'll talk.

John Cox:


That was VERY fast response to a new post. Are you outside my window, prowling the bushes, waiting on the moment I click "Post"?


You make it fit my finger, and MAYBE.

John Cox:

"Great. Now go and invent deodorant."

Ed B:

Sheer coincidence John. Just doin' some night owling is all.

Sheer coincidence John. Just doin' some night owling is all.


I hate spammers like the above.

"I don't see a BMW logo...."

Tom Wms.:

No, Gorg! For the last time, I WON'T marry you until you make something useful!


No, I'm not wearing that around my neck while we go for a canoe ride!

Again, this one doesn't need any words, it's hilarious just the way it is.



"Great, Ug, 5 months inventing toilet seat but you never put it down."

I'm with you, Mauser, but I think dup spam is new here, and mimicry is the first step toward interaction. Spambots may be approaching sentience.

Ed B:

Hey spambots, mimic this:

"I am a bottom-feeding spammer with the IQ of a steaming pile of buffalo excrement and should be immediately euthanized on sight for the good of this planet."

Jess Brown:

I don't care if it is the "greatest thing since fire"! You're not keeping it in the house!


"You capitalist pig. Your invention will lead to global warming after the coming ice age that wipes us out has past... THEN I'll tell you 'I told you so', & the whole world will know that it's Grog Bush's fault."


"Now you don't have any excuse for making it to both your hunter AND gatherer jobs--& we can get that nice big cave out in the country so my mother can come live with us--& I'll be expecting much nicer hides--& I want a teacup Sonorasaurus*--&...--&...--&..."

* The Sonorasaurus was tentatively called the Chihuahuasaurus, but was thought a silly name for a 50+ foot long dinosaur.

Yeah I'm sorry, i can't afford a Ferrari,
But that don't mean i can't get you there.


So you're new invention is called "Zero" and it means "nothing".

Why am I NOT impressed?

Dr. Bob:

Thor, that wheel thingy won't do any good - you forgot the axle.

like it very much! thank you


"HOPE and CHANGE, pffft. No can eat slogans. We be better off if you drop that logo on Bayrock's head."

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