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Haiku What?


Taken by surprise,
Stirred out of old reveries,
Rattled by new winds.

Once again, I decided to use the Illustration Friday theme, "Stir", as a interesting point of take off for this week's haikus.

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Great! Dandelions is 4 syllables. Trash that one.

Working on it!


Fairies of my dreams,
I'll give you a test blow,
Please come back to me.

ok that stunk...till working!

John Cox:


This one is a workout. Remember to breath.

Dr. Bob:

Fairies wind-dancing
Ethereal messengers
of beauty and joy.

Kevin The Zeroth:

blowing eyes clamped shut
dandelion shelter lost
granted wish unseen


in our hastiness
to find temporal pleasure
we miss the greater

John Cox:


Hey! Good stuff. I sense some real effort here.

Doc Al:

Hey, lasagna breath -
Too much garlic, too much cheese
Please let me go now

Where do they go
dandelions which we blow?
They're gone with the wind...

John Cox:


Nice Atlanta reference.


Like all you faries,
You promise too many things
Now you blow away!

I as well think therefore , perfectly pent post! .


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