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and now a word from Oliver Wendell Holmes...


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Ed B:

Green acres is the place to be.
Farm livin' is the life for me.
Land spreadin' out so far and wide,
Keep Manhatt...

Oh, sorry. That's Oliver Wendell Douglas!


Ed B:
Ya but that was a great calling!!!!

New York is where I'd rather be. Faaaarrrrm liv'n is not for me....

Tom Wms.:

I was greatly pursued once...(big sigh!). Now if a pretty girl smiles at me, I don't know if she is flirting or just being kind.

Ed B:

Hey Tom,

Or worse yet, she smiles because she thinks you're "cute" in a geriatric sort of way...

Dr. Bob:

I'll have to remember that quote the next time I clean the upstairs bathroom. Sometimes, that's a clear and present danger. (reference follows).

Tom Wms. -

I was greatly pursued once too. Thank God I escaped. Felicia was waaay too much woman for me.

Now I'm to the point where young women smile at me - right after they open the door for me. Geeze, I'm not a tottering old man yet!

I never knew that Justice Holmes wrote the phrase "clear and present danger" when interpreting the freedom of speech part of the 1st Amendment. Now the test is "imminent lawless action", which sounds a lot less like a Tom Clancy novel than "clear and present danger".

Reminds me of this :
"We can do no great things,
only small things with great love."
--Mother Teresa


“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” – Mahatma Gandhi


"The significance of what you do will be in direct proportion to how badly you muck things up, so be VERY wary of ambitious boobs."

Thanks for the quote, T_J.


I'd also have to say I disagree with OWH. Not every calling is great, but there is no shame in any calling well done.

Tom Wms.:

Hey, Ed B, thanks for the morale boost.


Ya know you're done when a cute young thing calls you "sir".

Hmmm, that quote makes me think about Adolf. Not good...


Hitler wasn't called. He was possessed. BIG difference.

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