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and now a word from Benjamin Franklin...


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Would like to get the REAL story of what went on while he was in France.

Ed B:

Also, it can crumble when handled clumsily.


Ahhh...John are you referring to the crumbling Commerce Clause, in which the erosion there of, was pushed back a little (hopefully a lot) yesterday?

To everyone else. Been gone awhile. Back on track! Hopefully I didn't miss any thing really controversial that I couldn't weigh in on!

Flinchy didn't kill anybody like a Egyptian Dictator for instance?



Don't know if history is totally unclear on the France thang! But it's in generalities.

He went to high level parties, drank a lot, promoted the US, took girls home, drank and screwed a lot more, then started over the next day. He probably employed a little social black mail when he could. I know there's no details, but am I missing something?

Dr. Bob:

Damn... I'm now hungry... just thinking chocolate cake with fudge frosting. Probably think of that all night.

Cowboy -
I think that Egyptian dictator is probably more than a bit "flinchy" right now.

GF -
Love your comment.

Now, about Ben's comment. In the context of his time, the great Empire was England, and America was one of those pesky edges that was diminishing England.

Now his quote can be applied to the USA, although some could argue that the rot and decline of America didn't start at the edge, but in the dead center of its pathetic political leadership (or lack of it).


"He probably employed a little social black male..."

If you do not learn history, you are doomed to repeat it.

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