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Proper Response


Ahmadinejad shoots his filthy mouth off about September 11, 2001 during his United Nations visit. On U.S. soil. In New York City.

I'd love for this obscene putz to spend a few minutes speaking to the boys over at the Manhattan firehouses.


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I've got a cheap $.26 solution for this piece of human garbage. Just the thing this street thug would understand.

Ed B:

Well, according to some bozo at Newsweek, apparently Americans "over reacted" to 9-11.


Wouldn't this be great paired and framed with another one just like it with Unc Sam choking the shit out of Curious Barry. The caption could read You Sold US down the River you Shit Head!

What I would like to see is the exploitation of the opportunity to cut the foreign aid budget. I would like to see the complete termination of all foreign aid payments to every so-called nation whose UN Representative applauded that obscene putz.

And the fellow who used to be the sysop of the local Objectivist BBS here in Minneapolis also has something to say about the subject of appeasement:


Jonathan Logan:

Here's an idea:

Have Ahmadinejad invited to speak at the corner of Alameda and Rosecrans in "Los Angeles", Ca. Let the locals know he's coming so they can "prepare" for his arrival. Then we will see if his remarks would hold up. In Compton.

Dr. Bob:

Ya know, I agree with the sentiment here, mainly that the turd Imadinnerjacket deserves a live grenade shot up his ass. It's a great cartoon.

But am I crazy to think that Uncle Sam doesn't yell or scream?

Uncle Sam delivers such a rebuke not in bluster, but in stern, quiet confidence, with overwhelming but restrained strength and unlimited resolve - at least that's the Uncle Same I envision.


I choose to ignore the little dung beetle, so I haven't a clue what he felched up this time.

I paid attention to his speech & responses on one or two prior occasions, but I've come to the realization that he spews that Twelver Shi'a garbage to provoke a reaction & then falls back on the Leftist PC Multicultural Race Pimp playbook.

He knows that Lefties have transformed this country into a bunch of poltroonish wusses when it comes to "racial & cultural diversity", & he knows the way to work it is the old Democrat "Act charming, ignore the question & stick to a short list of talking points, & if they keep pushing a hard question, confound the issue until the clock runs out" ploy.

Until we grow a spine & take care of the litany of Leftist B.S. here at home, crazy little tyrants around the world are going to have us by the stones in international affairs. It's time to kick some Leftist ass & dispense with this "hyphenated", "N-word", "undocumented worker" PC foolishness. Words are just words, & speech is free. Lefty whiners, get over yourselves. It's time to put on your big-boy or big-girl britches & move on.

Ditto on booting the UN. While I'd like to completely end taxpayer-funded foreign aide, we owe too much money. They call our debt, we default. When we default, expect retaliatory expatriation of private (corporate) assets on a scale never before seen, followed by the implosion of America.

I'm ready for some CORRECT CHANGE.

Josef Biden:

Of course 9/11 was an Inside Job! How easily, people like this cartoonist are fooled. They believe whatever they see on the TV. History has shown that even the smartest of the smart can be deceived!

When our President would prefer to 'absorb' terrorist attacks than capture or kill terrorists, thugs like Achmedinadinnerjacket feel free to dance on the graves of the fallen.

Cowboy, good idea about the Uncle Sam / Obama throat clutch drawing.
Voters are going to put a boot on the throat of this Administration on November 2nd.

john cox:


Insightful input. As much as the "quiet but deadly serious" Uncle Sam could have worked, I prefered reflecting MY disbelief through is loudness.


The Quiptoon from a few weeks ago applies here:

If ignorant of both your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.
Sun Tzu ~200 BC


If Al Quaeda didn't do 9/11, then why does the little rat love them? Likewise, if the little rat thinks that the holocaust didn't happen, why does he love Hitler so much?


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