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Children's Book Page Illustration Idea



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Triple set! If you could have been in the white house! Apparently Woodward says.....it was deplorable!

Who's the "Man in the Yellow Hat"?
George Soros?


Curious Barry?

He believes he knows everything...

...so what is there for him to be curious about?


Good idea. Black guys as monkeys. Way to re-enforce the idea that critics of Obama are motivated by racism, dude.

Doc Al:

K: I don't want to get into an argument here, but the illustration above does NOT portray BO as a monkey. However, I can cite dozens of illustrations of George Bush being drawn and photoshopped as a monkey during his presidency. Were you outraged about these?


Doc, I believe he's referring to "Curious George", a child's book character that is a monkey.

However K might want to read some of those same books. George comes off as wanting to do well, but manages to screw things up.

People see what they want to see.

Doc Al:

I know he's "referring" to Curious George, and, while he COULD have drawn him with monkey features, he decided not to.

Tom Wms.:

John: I love this. However, if "K" doesn't like it, perhaps you could do one titled, "Cover Your Own Ass-The Story of Barak Obama".

john cox:

Oh....just a little old fashion satire.


The racist assumption that "K" raises didn't even cross my mind. Does that make me more enlightened?

The "screw-up" thing is all that crossed my mind. However, I don't see BHO as a well-intentioned do-gooder who just can't seem to get anything right; he's a misguided dogmatic ideologue who wants to override natural law with his seriously screwed-up vision of how the universe SHOULD work "if God had gotten it right"--the end result being a know-nothing who thinks he's omniscient running the greatest republic in recorded history into the ground at a record clip.

There is also another thing that crosses my mind:

“Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.” – H. L. Mencken

From Mencken's POV, Harry Reid is a monkey--Nancy Pelosi is a monkey--Tom Perriello is a monkey--Al Franken is a monkey (no, wait--he really IS a monkey)--Ron Paul is a monkey--John Boehner is a monkey--all of God's chillun' in government are monkeys (meaning they're cretins who happen to be in charge, but they aren't evolved enough to manage themselves--much less the circus).


Actually I think John is rather prescient, given Colbert's appearance before a Congressional Committee the other day.

The clowns are running the circus!


I got a pretty big kick out of Colbert's complete & utter lack of reverence; not so much from his "testimony", but in watching the faces of politicians fighting to suppress their rage. Colbert--a bleeding heart & big government water-carrier if ever there was one--was not only refusing to bow & kiss their rings, but he was lampooning them to boot.

I'm glad to see that--in spite of the fact that my politics couldn't be much farther from Colbert's without expanding the universe--even the Lefties on the whack-job end of the political spectrum are coming to the realization that even "their guys" are nothing but a joke.


so informative, thanks to tell us.


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