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Local Politics


Neighbor and all-around good egg Bob is running for local office. He wondered if I would contribute my illustration skills and help him clean up city hall. Well, after studying his campaign message, I decided to invest my civic pride and energy to serve the greater good. I propound Bob embodies our town's dedication to hard work, compassion, ingenuity and an overwhelming belief that mediocrity conquers all.

(just kidding, y'all)


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Does he have a law blog?


I think that should be "He doesn't suck as bad as the other guy."


"He doesn't suck." That seems to be the campaign slogan for a number of candidates running against incumbents. But when you look at what the incumbents are doing, you figure, "He doesn't suck?! Hell - he's got my vote!"

Captain Obvious:

There goes the gay vote

Private 2nd Rate:

It doesn't say he won't be your "back-door man".


I think that a ballot choice for every political office should also have NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Just think of all the dumb things and damage NONE OF THE ABOVE could not do if elected.

I know it would help in Sacramento.

john cox:

Hey Arwen

Bob Loblaw Law Blog? Very funny.

Dr. Bob:

My wife was joking about running for the MN Secretary of State! Her slogan - "Every legal vote counted just once." If you recall, this is the state with the disputed Senate election where Franken was selected by the court after 300+ votes magically appeared from nowhere.

Dr. Bob is thinking of running for office after he retires, not to win, but to throw out bombs of painful truth aboit how goverment fails - maybe a bit like Mr. Boortz does.

I've always noticed how legal immigrants seem to work hard at menial jobs, work their way up and advance their family's status quickly, proving the American Dream does exist, while we have generation after generation of Americans, that can't (or shall I really say won't) lift a finger to help themselves. I find it incredibly stupid that our government has a system (welfare) that enables this bad behavior.


The "rapidly advancing immigrant" story is a repeating one in part because of the closeness of immigrant communities, their willingness to watch each others' backs, & values systems that haven't been eroded by multiculturalism.

Notice the lack of community for much specialized American labor. It seems as though every family is cordoned off from the rest of the world because of hobbies, their kids' activities, cell phones, computers, TV, etc. Most people I know rarely even speak to their neighbors. I go out of my way to be friendly with mine.

My experience in the labor market for which I'm best qualified is that the connected people get the jobs. I've worked jobs I'm overqualified for (for less money) for most of my life. It's ridiculous the breaks that go the bosses' nephew, brother, cousin, "best bud", & "squeeze" while heavy-duty talent is ignored.

There is some truth to the "immigrant" story, but it isn't the whole truth. The old boys' network (especially at the "Ivy" level) is alive & well.

However, I feel a swelling sense of Schadenfreude every time I see a news item about a certain industry sector hitting hard times--& when I see the unqualified dolts who were hired in my place lose their mansions, their Jags, & their country club memberships as they move back in with mommy & daddy.

“People might not get all they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get.” – Frederick Douglass

...unless, of course, you're in a "favored class" or a beneficiary of nepotism.

Bill M:

Ah, an "Arrested Development" reference.


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