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and now a word from Blaise Pascal...



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Ed B:

Well, that's the theory anyway...


Something that libs cannot seem to fathom. That there's always one out there who says "Make me!".


"Screw justice; if we say we have good intentions & we're forcing you to do it for your own good, you should snivel & kiss our rings." - President Obama, the Democrats in the 111th Congress, & the Democrats in the Senate plus RINOs Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, & Scott Brown (I told you so).


Blaise Pascal - next to economist, Frederic Bastiat, he's my favorite Frenchman (no, seriously).



Take it easy! Remember your BP episode!

They are forcing this shit down our throats, that's true. GAGH! It's not this justice thing, but this SOCIAL JUSTICE thing which dominates this very small, ideological, disastrous man, AND MANY OF THE JUDGES THAT WERE APPOINTED BY CLINTON, ET AL.! Very small man! We can only vote, March to houses in our neighborhoods, and donate money! MARCH! DAMN'T IT! and talk to people!

Dr. Bob:

Hey man... if we all sat around smoking weed, holding hands, singing kumbaya and swigging beer, we may need neither force nor justice. Groovy, man... Far out...

Or we can go into the office and fight over the last chocolate chip muffin!

Hey Cowboy, interesting juxtaposition that you mention BC the master of triangulation while we're chatting about Pascal.

Wise words, and so true!

Thank you John for posting!



Thanks, but I'm drawn to this stuff (& while the BP is on the rise, I'll disengage again for a while when the numbers stray too far). Remember the Gandhi quote about politics as the snake? We MUST engage it.


Certainly 2 of my favorites. I'd add Dumas (the elder) & DeBussy (although there are too many people who don't get his music right). Too many good painters to mention.


I have more I'd like to write, but they'd haul me in for sedition.


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