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Bend with wind Grasshopper, otherwise, you break.

Dr. Bob:

Darn... my connection dropped.


Well, that's kind of a tough row to hoe. He could have gone Blue Tooth, but everybody who's anybody texts & tweets, & you'd look kind of dumb with a mini keyboard on the side of your head... & how would you ever read the incoming messages? I guess you could put the keyboard device on a wristband... but what would you do with the other ear-bud?

I guess it's time to go old-school... VELCRO.


Won't be long before everyone is walking around with a HUD installed in a pair of glasses and a keypad strapped to the back of their hand. Don't talk to anyone, just text them.


I know it is obvious and John doesn't like obvious but....
"Can you hear me now?"


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