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Graphic Novel Cover Illustration Idea...



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That's cool John! I take it that the vague and unidentifiable person in the background is intentional?

john cox:


What is this "unidentifiable person" of which you speak? If you perceive a figure back there then the art has a certain depth I did not intend. I do not see it.


Start at the top of the picture, the roundness of the pale green appears like the top of the head. Off to the left (left side of the G in Guardian) possibly the side of a head with the outline of an ear. Suggestion of hair, possibly part of an eye/eye brow. As you go lower, the figure is nebulous, fading away. In effect, the Guardian is there, but he's not - therefore invisible. Under this you have the Doberman (good choice - the German Shepard is overrated)- suspicious and alert.

john cox:


Your description was apt. I see the faded outer edges of a front-facing head. The "ear" is where the recognition starts.



Next up:

The Obama Complex (as opposed to The Napoleon Complex):

Featuring a pug that acts like the biggest mo-fo on the block--scuffing his feet like a Brahma bull, snorting, & barking like he could eat you alive--that is until you step over the fence into his yard, after which he trembles in one place, wets, & apologizes for every other dog that ever barked at you.


GF must have had a really good Weekend!

Doc Al:

I'm certainly enjoying the "Where's Waldo" talk this morning but, as a German Shepard puppy owner, I fell inclined to address the comment that German Shepards are "overrated" - hoping that the comment referred to illustrations of German Shepards and not the dog itself. That's all.


"GF must have had a really good Weekend!"

Two days at the range will do that. :)


Wow you can afford ammunition?


Roll my own. Stocked up on components several years ago.


Doc Al must have had a killer 4-day weekend. Who said anything about German Shepherds?


Uh, never mind. Garandfan did. My weekend sucked, BTW.


Do you have to rub it in, GF?

I've been reduced to plinking with .22s, & that's gotten so boring, my accuracy is suffering.

When I get REALLY bored, I break out the heavier sub-sonics (I don't want to use the name they're actually called for fear the black suits will come get me) & pretend like I'm shooting long-range with a .338.

Chris Rock was wrong. The Libs don't need cartridge control. All they needed was an ambitious booby to wreck the economy.


Oh, forgot to mention one more thing about the picture. If you look just to the left of the words "The Guardian", it also looks like crosshairs centered over the 'right eye'.

The Guardian does more that just watch.


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