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Image Is Everything


You couldn't make this stuff up.


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What was the name of that movie with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall where they worked at McDowells? I can't remember but it seems relevant.

Tom Wms.:

Doug: The movie was "Coming to America".

It's not that enjoying tobacco reflects badly on them, it is when their women enjoy cigars that it reflects badly on them.

You sure can't make this stuff up, John. Boggles the mind -- flotillas full of "humanitarian aid" being delivered by terrorists, and Gazans have Olympic swimming pools (Israel does not) and yesterday Gazans opened the Gaza luxury mall.

Shalom from Jerusalem,

john cox:


We live in a whacky world, that's for sure.

Strength, my man.


Isn't that an earlier "ixnayed" Obama campaign sign?


I know how they feel....I always catch a bunch of grief here when I smoke my "water pipe" in public.

Ed B:

Hmmm... women indulging in a public activity that involves bringing an object to their lips and sucking. Yup - that would definitely stoke the average fundamentalist Muslim male's uncontrollable sexual urges.


Hamas, just another name for LOSER!


This reminds me of a Middle-Eastern girl I knew in college. I wanted to post this earlier, but the story is just too darned long.

Here's the condensed version:

This girl was offended by a guest lecturer who condemned many forms of Islamic corporal punishment & their subjection (i.e., subjugation) of women.

The Middle-Eastern girl went off; "How dare she criticize my culture! Did you know there isn't even an Arabic word for 'rape'?!"

Someone (who will remain nameless) replied, "Well, I don't speak Arabic, so I have no idea if that is true or not. However, if it is true, I would suspect it is because most (if not all) Arab cultures view women as nothing more than chattel."

That girl turned a shade of "red rage" I'd never seen before. She stormed out of the room, & she never spoke to that unnamed person again (as far as I know). ( ;


Terwiliger, that reminds of another muslim woman I met. She claimed that "Islam" is the arabic word for "peace", while actually it means "submission" [to God].



That theme is central to most Judaic & Christian faiths as well. God gives us free will, but the only way to true salvation (or "peace of spirit" or "peace of mind") is by the voluntary surrender of that free will to follow [in submission to] God's will.

Either that, or in the beginning, there was nothing--which exploded.


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