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Book Cover Illustration Idea



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Wow! I've worked for the author.


And I've worked for several who memorized the book.

Always moving up one step as their current department crashed around them.


I really like the illustration...

...but when I think of "hubris", I don't think of a delicate balancing act...

...I think of a "take no prisoners" & "bull in a china shop" mentality.


Looks good. I think that Hubris also involves arrogance and a HUGE EGO..


Hubris: what some businesspeople have described as "enthusiastic incompetence".

Barack Obama:

"I acted hubristically."

Dr. Bob:

Hubris, Mismanagement and the Great Fall.

A story of how a tough arrogant, greedy, selfish, dishonest executive ruthlessly forced his way to the top of his company, appointing his cronies to the board of directors, looting the company coffers with hundreds of millions of stock awards and hundreds of millions more in excessive compensation, then exiting the company just before it crashes into bankruptcy.

Ronald Reagan revised & updated:

A recession is when your neighbor is out of work. Depression is when you are out of work. Recovery is when Obama is out of work.


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