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Graphic Novel Cover Illustration Idea...



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Tom Wms.:

John: Great cover idea. However, you could change the copy to read, "Splitsville-The story of Al and Tipper Gore". It seems his "high seat" as lost a leg.

john cox:


I guess that could be the subtext. High-powered couples don't seem to last. Even that marriage "ended" a long time ago. The competition is probably corrosive.


After settling with his wife, I'm sure Albert would come up with a subtitle like - "Global Warming and The Ice Queen".

Tipper would respond with "Sexual Performance of Aging Men - An Inconvenient Truth".


I like the title fine the way it is. It could be a prologue to how the kingdom got to be so out of whack...

...why, instead of creating "shovel ready jobs", the King of Christopheria goes around painting flags solid red because he hates white & true-blue...

...why, instead of protecting the kingdom's perimeter, the King & his counsel perpetuate a "Central American" standoff ("Mexican standoff" would be profiling, & profiling is wrong) in hopes of buying votes with blanket amnesty...

...why the term "The buck stops here" has come to mean "It's George Bush's fault" (&, when you consider that George Bush's gaffes are used as excuses for this administrations even bigger gaffes, it partially IS George Bush's fault)...

...why a calamity of unequaled proportions rolls on in the background while the King plays croquet with a $400 titanium driver and alligator eggs...

...why the King is using that same calamity to push his "green energy" [read: handicap Christopheria] agenda forward using that same calamity as the backdrop...

...why the King bribes "public servants" to leave their elected positions with appointed positions to replace targeted incumbents with fresh new faces in hopes of circumventing the wrath of the "relatively loyal" on the plantation...

...why a surplus created by a Republican during the Clinton presidency has come to be the crowning accomplishment of the Clinton administration (Remember all of those speeches Clinton gave where he posited that--if the budget was balanced at all--it would not be until between 2 & 12 years after his administration ended?)...

...why A Parliament of Whores has come to be too mild a term to describe the kingdom's bureaucracy...


Make that "Republican Congress" in the next-to-last point.


And all this time I thought "The Buck stops....there....and....there.....and....there...."


Who cares where the buck stops? It isn't worth the paper it's printed on.


Maybe so, but at least 5 trillion real bucks (filtering out the budget gimmicks) have gone through Barack's hands like water through a sieve. It would be nice to see a buck STOP there for a change, if only to catch it's breath.


It's just King Lear done all over again... Barack I mean, and Michelle just keeps eating cake.


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