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Say What?



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You're complaining about the food. I thought there 'never was heard a discouraging word'.


"Look, I HAD to put it out. I'm SAVING your whole PLANET!"


Some people call me Space Cowboy.


"We want you should tell us wheyah weez can blow up some free range cows, capiche?"


"Whadda ya mean youse nevah hoid o' paint bawl? It's sweepin' da univoise, paisan!"

Ed B:

You wouldn't happen to have a spare flux capacitor on you, would you?


You eat it. I eat you. You never heard of 'the food chain'?


Is this 'Brokeback Mountain'?

You'd never imagine this, but there's an ailen behind you pointing at you with a laser gun.


How....deee nay...bore kan oooo spa...r suum gruubbbbbb?

Ed B:

Look Bud, Smokey the Bear is on vacation and we're filling in. Now, you're sure that damn fire is OUT?


Pardon me; do you have any Grey Poupon?


That HAPPENS to be my 3rd cousin you got on your plate there!

"Hurry up aNd eat those beans, Cowb boy.

Weembix is already behind you with the methane collection probe to fuel our trip home."


"Private Czrnyx, I'm not telling you about the dangers of over-penetration again. Give me the blaster & let's change places."


What'd I say about privates and loaded weapons.......


That's another reason I like the Swedish Mauser M96. The barrel is so long (29.1"), it's difficult to have it pointing ANYWHERE at yourself with your finger on the trigger.


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