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Say What?


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Tom Wms.:

Uh, Chief. You sure you want me put hot sauce on this thing?
You did say it tastes like chicken, right?
There's not enough hot sauce and bleu cheese dressing in the world to make this thing taste like chicken!
Party snack, my ass!!!!!!


Honey, Don't think you're going to get that new robe I promised you.


Ok, I shot him with the arrow. What next?

We're gonna need
a bigger nickel.

"HEY HEY HEY....You said HUNT for 'em, not fill 'em full of ARROWS!"

"YEAH? Ted Turner can KISS MY PAPOOSE!"


"Me no think'em this quite right time for diplomacy."

"Is it too late to change'em position on arrow control, Senator Paleface?"

"Even if I thought he would voluntarily give up 50% of his hide 'for the common good', me no speak'em Bisonese."


What do you mean "Being trampled is part of the "Authentic Native American Experience" I paid for?"


"He says he's from the state office of Sustainable Development in Helena, Montana, and that he's invoking 'eminent domain'".


He called me an illegal alien!

Jonathan Logan:

What's that mean, "Make a wish?"

Tom Wms.:

Me want speak to travel agent. When me say "Buffalo", me mean New York!

Tom Wms.:

Hey, Chief. I thought these things were extinct!

Tom Wms.:

Beam me up Scotty! QUICK!


Am I covered by AFFLACK?


Why so much Mascarra? and your hair is a hot mess!


"Him say him big'em heap on future. Then him say him too big'em heap to fail. Me think him just one big'em heap."


yeah ... whatever ... upgrade me to that phone plan ... I don't think I really care ...


what do you mean the pizza will take another 15 minutes ... my toppings are getting cold ...


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