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Story book idea


This is more than an idea. More like a personal dare. I'm actually gonna try to write and illustrate this one myself.

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I and my hostages might be able to offer you some story concepts.

I tend to attract dorks.

The slave should turn out to be a hot chick.


After a couple of shots of Bushmills, I think I could come up with a story line that would make San Francisco AND Playboy blush. Hee hee.


Dare accepted. Graphic Novel would be great. Heavily illustrated prose also acceptable.

Steve M:

Looks like you are off to a good start-great looking characters!

1st suggestion, don't do the standard thing and make the slave the hero.

In fact, it would be good to do a "LadyHawk" thing and make the slave the story teller of the conflict between the magician and soldier, make the true and final protagonist an unknown that doesn't come in until the end, and make the slave the bad guy.

I would say use a death bed confession as the rationale for the Slave's admission, but perhaps maybe make the Slave a completely normal person living a normal life, who can't shut up about his touch with greatness when he saw the destruction of both the soldier and the mage.

Hey Wicked

Good to hear from ya.

Your story direction is actually pretty good. Not a bad way to go because it leaves the reader guessing.

I'll probably keep the actual storyline to myself until I have something to show. It's a decent story I think.


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