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Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer recently wrote a column, "Obama's Supine Diplomacy" that puts forth a sobering observation.

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Tom Wms.:

What a great commentary on his first 30 days.


Appropo of nothing...I called the White House today to leave a msg for Press Sec Gibbs re Santelli issue.

1. The WH switchboard didn't know who Gibbs was.
2. When I explained who he was I was transferred to the wrong department anyway.
3. The woman I got said she'd take the message but then got VERY testy and argumentative when I started to leave the simplest of messages.

QED: they haven't got a clue what they are doing.

Sorry John but your sidebar "inspired" me to relate this. I'll send you a soothing photo if that will help : > )


The original title of that Krauthammer piece, as it was in the print edition and previously on the web edition was: "Obama's 'Kick Me' Diplomacy"


Although, to me, the new title reads as more insulting but less clear to the average Obama supporter. Supine being "inactive, passive, or inert from indolence or indifference" (dictionary.com).


Nothing like a little OJT for that guy who said he had all that 'executive experience'.

Must explain his cabinet picks as well. Like a Sec of Energy who knows squat about oil.

We are so screwed!


Success, Obamaiian Style.



How about Panetta as Director of Intelligence?

Kinda like putting Ted Kennedy in charge of the DOT--or any previous Obama appointee in charge of the IRS.


I'm reminded of Panetta at CIA each time I DRIVE UP to an ATM and notice that there are operating instructions in BRAILLE.

Question I've always wanted answered. How do the blind know where the instructions in braille are?

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