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Weird, huh?


At IBDeditorials.com you'll find this Michael Ramirez JANUARY 5 (!!) cartoon. Check out my December 31 cartoon. Great minds, eh?

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I love Ramirez's work, but your New Years version was much more stinging!

I view Obama as being just that bratty.


Gotta agree with Cowboy, yours had more 'bite'.


Yep, yours has more substance... and bite. :)

I also just prefer your style in general.

Is there a deeper meaning to Ramirez's Obama having a pale complexion and wearing "2008" instead of "2009"?


Whoops, that Anon was me. The browser forgot my name.

btw, Ramirez is obviously good, it's just that this caricature is harder to identify than yours.

Dr Bob:

I have to agree, John's has more "sass" to it.

I think the toons were trying to communicate different things about Obama, though.

John's notes the contempt for Bush and the arrogant confidence of Obama - defiance in a word (like your standard issue 2 year old). Bush in John's toon is seemingly aware, wise and relaxed, knowing that Obama will chart his own course and will inevitably get beaten down just like he had been. There's a strength of the characters in John's that's not in the Ramirez toon.

Ramirez's notes the helplessness of Obama and his lack of experience. The Bush in Ramirez's has a look of fear because the newcomer is so inexperienced.


It's a bit odd when ideas are so similar yet they have a different point of view. That was only the point I was trying to make. Let's remember Michael Ramirez is the REAL DEAL.

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