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Norm Coleman


Come on, Norm. Concede to the uber-lefty newbie cum Saturday Night Live comedy writer.

Oh, Minnesota, I'm soooooo disappointed....but HIGHLY ENTERTAINED.

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I wouldn't concede a damned thing. How do you reconcile more votes in a precinct than registered voters?


I agree, GF, but if he gets away with this, I sincerely hope he makes a better Senator than comedian - but in my opinion that won't be hard to do.

Fuck that.

Bend that little bitch over and assrape him with legal fees.

Very few people on earth hold the burning heat of a thousand suns little spot in my black little heart held by that terminal douchebag Franken.


I'm really disappointed how Coleman basically sat their while Franken fought for every vote (interpretation or what ever). "We'll let the process proceed". Sure now their going to court, but the hill is very steep. When are Conservatives going to take these jerks head on.

P.S. If you haven't been able to tell, I'm fired up tonight. he he he


I'd almost like to see Mr. Smalley seated. That would put Minnesota right up there with Arkansas & Mississippi (& West Virginia... & North Carolina... & Georgia... & California... & Massachusetts... & Louisiana... & Illinois... & Texas, &, &, &...).

The next thing I'd be looking forward to is who the next cartoon character would be that Minnesota puts in gubmint office.

I hear the DNC is torn between Barney Gumble & Wile E. Coyote, but as of yet they have been unable to locate either of them.

never give up, never surrender. Take it all the way to SCOUS. They cheated and they know it. Force another election if you have to. The republicans almost always give up too soon while the Dems cheat their way to a win. The republicans are press wipped. If the republicans do anything or say anything to stand up the press always attacks them. As Rush pointed out yesterday, when Bush was running, (after clinton,) he said that the economy was in trouble and the press said that Bush was "talking down the economy." BHO talks about how bad the economy is and no one makes any comment.


George, it's called Democratic 'nuance'. When they do it, it's "different".

Jonathan Logan:

The biggest problem that I have
Is that it isn't about who I am
Or what I would do to work
On improving this divided land.

Rather, what we all see
Is a country, either blue or red
Where it has become
more about what is said

Perhaps it's time for us to look
At how we do things for all to see
And let the world judge us on this
Rather than what looks good
On TV.


BTW, Does anybody else think that this guy looks a little like Norm McDonald?

Dr Bob:

I'm a resident of the People's Republic of Minnesota and I'm extremely frustrated with how the canvassing board sided with Franken on every issue of contention, including some major inconsistencies.

The court told Coleman that he could not challenge anything until after the canvassing board designated a winner. The court refused to take a proactive role which would have prevented some of the subsequent problems.

The canvassing board also refused to offer any legal direction such as directing a set of standards for handling the so-called 5th pile of absentee ballots that appear to have been rejected improperly. They claimed they didn't have the legal authority to do so.

The problem with election law in Minnesota is that it assumes everybody is honest. There are few/no controls to prevent cheating. It is very easy for a person to vote in multiple precincts and it is easy for illegal aliens to vote. Furthermore, there are no audits to understand how much cheating is really going on and rarely are people prosecuted for it.

The DFL party has continuously and steadfastly refused to do even look at potential voter fraud. In fact, there is a moron in the state senate who pushed for 14 year olds to get the right to vote. A request by the Dept of Public Safety to put visa expiration dates on drivers licenses and state ids was also blocked by the DFL.

Unfortunately, Coleman has to challenge the election - I'm sure that had the canvassing board named Colemen the winner, Franken would be challenging the result as well.

The problem here is that with the damaged/unreadable ballot mishandling - the unreadable/damaged ballot was to be hand copied, the copy run through the optical machine and then either the original or the copy was to be marked as a duplicate so during a recount both the original and copy would not both be counted. Election workers in multiple precincts dominated by the DFL failed to mark the duplicates, which why there are more votes counted by hand, then were on the machines and on the voter sign in rosters.

And 225 votes is well within the margin of human error for a manual recount.

Problem with all this is that there may be no way to determine the winner due to the duplicates problem above - there is no way to identify which votes were duplicated and hence how they affected the results.

We may end up having to do a new election between Coleman and Franken (without Barkley, the third party candidate) to decide this thing properly.

It's absolutely insane. Frankly, I'm not sure I want to live in a state where people elect crap like Franken to federal office.

Time to gather up the pitchfork and torch brigade to march on St. Paul.


Thank you ever so much for enlightening this post with hands-on experience. I get the feeling things are very messy up there. Good luck.

Humans can be a complicated species.



Didn't you guys have a governor whose motto was, "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat?"

You guys must be racists anyway. If you weren't, you would have made Rufus R. Freight-Train Jones your governor long before Jesse Ventura entered the picture (I've actually grown to like Ol' Jesse--especially his endorsement of "No Confidence" voting--but that dyed bald mullet gots' to go).

All of this mess serves you Minnesotans right for not running the DFL out of the state on a rail.

Didn't Rudy Perpich sign a pitchfork control bill in his last term?

I think the big reason Al Franken garnered so many votes is because 37% of the people who voted for him thought they were voting for FrankenBerry. Another 22% voted for him because they thought they "might be" voting for FrankenBerry--even though FrankenBerry is pink "& a whole lot funnier than this guy."

On a positive note, at least you don't live in Massachusetts or Illinois (or California, or Arkansas, or New York...)

Another positive note: Your fine (?) state is helping the country with an abject lesson in Leftist stupidity.


Why the personal attack?

I find it distasteful that kind of crap is disguised as civil discourse. Why harangue Dr. Bob when all he was trying to do was describe the situation in his state and why it matters to him.

Leave that high-handed soap box garbage at other sites, please.

Now does anybody wonder why political cartoons are the LEAST of my concerns?

Dr Bob:

Terwiliger -

For what it's worth, I'm a transplant here in MN from the great state of Wisconsin.

I didn't vote for Jesse "the Mind" Ventura either. He turned out to be a rather mediocre governor - we could have done worse. You don't like the mullet, I don't like that fu manchu like thing on his chin.

I don't know who the heck Rufus Freight-train Jones is or his connection to MN, but for the record, a fellow by the name of Alan Page is a justice of the MN Supreme Court. You may remember him as one of the "purple people eaters".

Hey, and you forgot ol' Governor Wendy Anderson who appointed himself Senator.

Believe it or not, the capital of the state was originally supposed to be St. Peter, but through some sinister machination and manipulation, the capital ended up in St. Paul. This is one case where "robbing St. Peter to pay St. Paul" really did happen!

I think they need to post a signs at the border for people leaving MN to "resume intelligent behavior".

As for racism, maybe Count Chocula should have run against Frankenberry. hehehe.

I can't argue with you about the bad example of leftist government here. I can assure you that the Republican party is doing what it can to change that, although it's hard with RINOs like Coleman.

Thank goodness for Governor Pawlenty.

John -

Thanks for the defense, but I didn't take any offense. It is unfortunate that this is happening in any state, but I have a ringside seat.

Not only are humans a complicated species, but any system they create is subject to the same complexities, nuances and error.

Thanks for the wishes of luck.



For the record, I wasn't attacking Dr. Bob.

I was lampooning Minnesota using Dr. Bob's discourse--which I found to be quite enlightening--as a platform.

I didn't think for a minute that anybody would take a facetious "random thoughts" (a la Thomas Sowell) stream of silly comments seriously.

My sincere apologies for any perceived offense.



Thank you for the explanation for what's actually going on. I thought I was pretty up-to-speed on the goings-on in Minnesota, but I still wasn't aware of everything you wrote. That would be a good letter to the editor in the Washington Times.

I think a mediocre governor would be an improvement over most governors.

"Freight-Train" was a "wrestler" when I was a kid. I was making fun of a state that would elect any wrestler governor. Rufus Jones was [as far as I know] a likable character; he was a black American, & I was using that as a tie-in to make fun of the "elephant in the room" charge of racism that is immediately assigned to anyone who is a critic of Barack Obama (or any event that doesn't work out in his favor, as was pointed out by Bruce Tinsley in this past Sunday's Mallard Fillmore).

I wish I'd thought of including Count Chocula in my riff. Very funny.

"Freight-Train" & "FrankenBerry" were extensions of a joke in my first comment about Minnesota's penchant for electing cartoon characters (which include wrestlers in my book).

Finally, there are enough nutty politicians (& nutty political machinations) scattered throughout the historical "tree" of gubmint in any state, & I from what I've seen, there are very few Republicans with the stones (or the desire) to fix it.

The REAL two political parties in this country are CHALLENGERS and INCUMBENTS. It seems like their biggest concerns are either getting in office or staying in office.

History has shown that the only thing politicians understand is revolt--& Americans are too complacent in their comfort & relative prosperity to risk it by standing up for liberty, as when liberty is won responsibility follows.


One last thought:

Maybe the problem in Minnesota stems from the Falafel pirates branching out into Lutefisk.

The Lutefisk made in their street labs isn't made to the usual quality control standards, & the inferior processing has led to regionally increasing sodium hydroxide (lye) levels, which has in turn led to brain-damage in Garrison Keillor-listeners & other Lutefisk-eaters (which are closely related to Kool-Aid Drinkers).

Krusty, Minnesota needs you!


Thanks for accepting my input. I've always enjoyed your participation and I expect to do so for awhile.

I'm a little leary of confrontational comments, that's all.



No problem. Your house, your rules.

I've enjoyed "hanging out" here. While I read incessantly, this is the only blog I read or post to.

As of yet, there aren't two giant boorish armies of diametrically opposed posters parroting what they've read somewhere else, it's light enough that reading it isn't fatiguing (a welcome break from my usual fare), & with little exception, the commenters here are are informed, articulate, & entertaining.

Your stuff is pretty good too. ( :

I'm hoping that my posting tenure here will be ending shortly. Nothing personal--I've been working on a couple of editorial/modified-blog style sites of my own, & I hope to have them up & running soon.

This may sound arrogant, but after listening to the current crop of talking heads (& those who have come & gone over the past 20 years), I think I can do it better--& the time is overdue for me to put it out there.


That's the point: If you feel compelled to bring a "new dish to the party", PLEASE do it. Arrogance has little to do with it. I think it's your willingness to promote a point of view that is sorely missing and might become a rallying point for those of not gifted in the writing arts.

Let 'er rip!

Dr Bob:

If you want to stay on top of the Minnesota Mess, the powerline blog ar http://www.powerlineblog.com/
is a good source.

Note that they've filed a freedom of information request with the state asking for all of the Secretary of State's communications to/from the Franken campaign. There were rumors and allegations of coordination between the two - the press hasn't investigated it.


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