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...and now a word from Friedrich Nietzsche:


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Nietzsche was always the life of every party. He'd be having a blast with 'Global Warming'.

I'm sorry but is this post an actual Nietzsche quote? and what's with the global warming comment?



Dear Sir,
I'm a brazilian climatologist and I'd like to know how can I use one of Cox and Forkum cartoon in a book frontcover?
I use this space because I can't found any place to contact you.
With my best regards,


Go to coxandforkum.com and look on the side bar with our e-mail address. Allen Forkum would be more than happy to accommodate you.


Bahram, Nietzsche had a way of cutting thru the bull shit.

Dr Bob:

Well, when "religions" get nuclear bombs and the means to deliver them, Nietzsche may end up being dead wrong. Emphasis on dead.

FWIW, I think Nietzsche became more predominant as a theologian/phiosopher because so many others were killed, executed or exterminated by Hitler in WWII - Hitler basically wiped out an entire generation of religious thinkers, pastors, composers and musicians. Perhaps this is where the "God is dead" thinking of Nietzsche came from.


Nietzsche is dead.


Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Viktor Frankl, and--as T. pointed out earlier--Erich Fromm were anything but lightweights; Carl Jung was both driven and inspired by those atrocities.


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