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In Passing....


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He better get all his golf games in now.

Dr Bob:

I like the body language of the Obama kid - defiant and cocky.

Poor guy has no clue what he's in for.

Unfortunately, neither do we.


It only took t = 0 minus two months for that "transparency" thing to turn opaque.


There's one thing missing from this cartoon, though. 2008 should be pushing a stroller with a "Baby Herman" (Roger Rabbit) style pouting John McCain.

I read recently that some folks have theorized that McCain got the Republican nomination largely because of Democrats voting in Republican primaries. That sure would explain a lot, although I doubt that any of the other nominees would have fared any better.


don't think Jon was actually bashing obama, but rather showing the truth of the fact that Obama is coming in new, and has a lot of learning to do.

right now Obama's a "why" baby, in 20 days he will be a "this is why" baby, and has to make decisions, whereas before Obama could just bitch and moan.

It's easy to be a critic, it's hard to be creator.


Wicked has that right. Dems are still bitching, yet they've been in charge of Congress for the last two years. And have the honor of having the LOWEST approval ratings of any Congress. Put a little Democratic nuance to it and they can proudly shout "We're Number One!"


Well I hope everyone here has a happy new year! I just pray that junior there doesn't try to "fix" too much!

Tom Wms.:

Our only hope is that Obama doesn't live up to our expectations.



Very nice John!


Very nice John!


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