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Ring it in, baby!


Hang loose, y'all. Here's wishing inspiration, perseverance, compassion and humor to all my fond viewers and commenters in the coming trip around Sol.

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And a Happy New Year to you John!

Ok, I'll play; Joe Biden on the left (figures). Am I right?

Right back at ya, John! Happy New Year! :)


Sol is sun in Swedish.

Talk to you soon. I look forward to conduct a podcast interview with you!

All the Best,


Dr Bob:

And a happy and prosperous new year to John and the rest of the crew here!



You'd better not let Krusty catch you calling him Joe Biden. I hear that he'll bus' a cap in no time flat.


Happy it's-just-another-day-with-a-different-cyclical-number.

Sorry...Dr. Harumph's existential crap put me in a funk.


...& for some reason I want to listen to some Little Feat.

You too, John and every success and Shalom.

Live from Jerusalem,


Are we looking left or standing left? Anyway, I think the fat guy standing on the left side is Buck Manly's Dad.

Tom Wms.:

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, John and all the others who come here to play.


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