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Time to vogue here in Atlanta. Madonna is gracing us with her diva-ness this week. Lucky star, indeed.

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Bill Erdmann:

Oh, please - this woman passed her "expiration date" years ago. She just hasn't held up as well as, say, Shirley Bassey or Tina Turner. Watching Madonna "vogue" on stage would be like watching Dame Judi Dench play Olga Kurylenko's role in "Quantum of Solace" - painful and scary.


Nice. You captured her aging diva look perfectly. I love how her cleavage is juuust visible, as always.

Bill Erdmann:

It's surprising how many people are willing to spend $300 or more to watch some aging, leathery, turkey-necked "pop star" lurch around a stage while crooning. Like David Letterman, she's entered the "creepy" phase of her long career (at least it doesn't cost one to watch David Letterman). Madonna's the "Joan Crawford" of the pop music scene.


"Madonna's the "Joan Crawford" of the pop music scene."

Hahahaha! How true! Probably still going at 70, trying to look at act like she's 23.

Steve M:

I like how you've captured how ANGULAR she's become. I remember seeing her on the MTV Music Awards in 1984 doing the live "Like A Virgin" song in that wedding dress and stockings-wow-Memory Burn...a rounder , softer Madonna. But who of us looks like we did in 1984? She's what, 50 now-Vogue On I say.


A mutt who can't sing who became a sex symbol & a diva.

"Only in America." - Don King

The closest I can come to agreeing with Steve M is to admit that there was something "oddly hot" about her when she hit the scene... then she opened her mouth, & it ended for me.


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