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24" x24"
oil on masonite

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Tainted Memory. If we're talking about my body, this is definitely the case. I really like these masonite pieces. One of these days...


Nekkid dudes ain't art unless youse a chick. I ain't a chick, therefore this ain't art.

If this was me "remembering" my body, I'd have to call it "Cognitive Distortion".

"Cognitive Distortion" would be a good name for a piece about how anybody thinks that either McCain or Obama would make a good president.

It would be an even better title for yahoos who think we'd be better off with Obama than McCain.

The only useful purpose for a Leftist is to keep us from forgeting how stupid Leftism is.

I wish the globe would hurry up & warm so we could leave the Leftists behind & have one more chance at setting up a republic in Antarctica.

D&%# the carbon emissions--full speed ahead!


"Nekkid dudes"?


Anybody need health insurance? Once you have it, the nurses will take care of you. One stop shopping. Of course you'll have to show them you're "Nekkid" body!


Nah, I'm holding out for one of those ads about a career as a stock broker. I'm aiming high!


Hey GF.

Send me an e-mail by contacting my web page @
if you would like to exchange some gun talk. I'm trying to learn a little bit about Garands.


Who needs health insurance? Obama's going to "give" it to us--good & hard.

Mandatory hemorrhoid exams from 30 paces by candlelight... Just drop trou' & spread'em. New slogan: "No behind left unchided."

That's right before they get a 30-pace running head start for "the probe".

You only get Vaseline if you make below the income threshold to help "ease your pain".


Who, pray tell, is going to buy insurance from a spamming insurance agent? As if insurance agents weren't already despicable enough.

Got any ads for ambulance chasers promising "free money"?

How about some Obama campaign ads promising "free money"?


Hey T, don't encourage them.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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