Look! A Real Gig!


Along with Allen Forkum's stellar design sense, this is my illustration for his paper's October issue cover. It made my "Top Five Faves".

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Why the combination of paint sprayer and suit? Is the article about women running automotive businesses or working as "grease monkeys"? Or is it just to make her look more modern than Rosie the Riveter or to ensure she's seen as a woman?

All that aside, it is a great illustration.

Steve M:

A real Job????
Nice way of incorporating various occupations into one woman.


You're first guess is absolutely right. It was a take-off on the old Rockwell painting.


Every once in a while, the page design and illustration concept really gels.



If I understood Allen's (or perhaps it was his partner's) description of the "Automotive Report" correctly (it's in a previous thread), it's targeted specifically at body shop owners--not at mechanics in general... Hence the sprayer & the suit.


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