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Sketch Book


Goofing around with a ball point pen....

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Could be titled "Obama's Demons". I can see the 'angry old white guy', still workin' on the other two.


Got it; the one to the right of the Obamassiah is McCain, the other is the Reverend Wright. Out of sight is the old guy clinging to his gun and bible.

I don't care who it resembles, I just enjoy your sketch book tremendously, and love it that you share it with us.

Hugs from Jerusalem


I don't think the two to the left are his nemeses (nemesi?) at all.

I think they're little imps, & they are his allies.

The one to the left is Egalitwana, the harpy of income redistribution & progressive tax juju.

The one in the middle is Reparasharol, wielder of affirmative action & all-around general victim-class mojo (this imp is closely related to Tlaquepaque, the immigration amnesty chupacabra).

These two imps have the special property of joining together to form a single more powerful entity, Tephlonycah, which causes the the media & "elites" to swoon at his rhetoric; they romanticize him as a deity while being blinded to his incompetence & banality.

Sadly, we have learned that there isn't a dime's worth of difference between him & "the other guy."


I wish I could goof like that!


Terwilly-Man is right. I recognize Reparasharol! He's one of those guys that were boiling Bush in a big pot awhile back!


Just looking back through...

Noticed the caption, "Don't tell Michelle."

I think she already knows. It's a special kind of medicinal marijahoochie--it promotes the sense of delirium & denial that allows DEMs to believe all of that inane "big gumbint is the answer" hooey. Heck...I expect she's been tokin' on that vile weed since the 70s. At least.


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