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Say What?


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The Rock People suspected that maybe dress shoes were not the best choice for their environment-but that was their tradition.


"See, honey, THIS is why I hate opera..."

"GPS...shmeePS....thisAIN'T Miami Beach!"


"Aw, come on, honey. Just because I said I have herpes? But I haven't had a breakout in ages since I've been taking......"

The commercial that should have been...right after the one where the "uninfected partner" runs away screaming right after "the announcement."


Women are from igneous rock, men are from metamorphic rock.


The Stonehenge people are NOT going to be happy!

Stallone's first draft of Rocky was very different from the final.

Militant Bibliophile:

"Dude, the term is Rock On, not on ro- oh, never mind."


"If you stand on principle, expect to stand alone."

Since we had a word from John Adams last week, I thought maybe a word from his son might be appropriate...paraphrased for the current political & intellectual climate, of course.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” – John Quincy Adams

Go-Go-Gadget La-z-boy!
I gotta sit down for a bit.

Go-Go-Gadget La-Z-Boy!!

I gotta get off my feet for a bit..

oops sorry for the double post...


"Call the editor...he got the picture of the bat-people upside-down."


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