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Book Cover Idea


AAAaaaye, m' heartys! This is my updated cover illustration of one of my favorite classic sea novels. Long before there was a flitty, spastic Jack Sparrow, there was a wiley, bloody Long John Silver.

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My favorite book cover so far. I like the way the themes work together (especially the layering of the "blue" ocean & the level not quite reaching the top of the cover).


I'm really digging taking a swing at some of these great old books.


Long John would have gotten a lot farther if he had today's PR person working for him.

Can't wait to see your take on Jane Eyre, Silas Marner, Tom Sawyer, House of the 7 Gables, The Scarlet Letter.........


Love it, John! What's next? I would like to suggest "Toilers of the Sea" by V. Hugo. It has never been done justice in my estimation.



All excellent starting points. I'll certainly get around to 'em when the mood strikes. Glad you dig 'em.


As long as people are throwing out suggestions, how about these--mainly because of the multiple ways they can be interpreted (opportunities for multiple layers), & partly because I think two of them could also work really well with John's cartoon style.

Animal Farm
Brave New World
Lord of the Flies


Just noticed another horizon line. Map, seascape, & water, all overlayed. Very, very cool.

Militant Bibliophile:

VERY cool.

Heinlein next? Please?


We'll see....gotta keep you guys guessing.

Excellent choice, though.


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