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Earth Day '08


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two for you, one for me.

Tom Wms:

Let's see, one finger in my nose and one eye closes. Two fingers in my nose and I could go blind, just like that other bad habit I have when no one's looking.

This is how many people you can feed with the grain that goes into a tank of Ethanol. Zero population, here we come!


There's a rumor floating about that if the 'greenies' committed mass suicide, all the world's problems would be resovled overnite. No over-population, no global warming, no food shortages, no housing shortage.

Now if we could only get The Goracle to lead his followers off a really big cliff.


It is nice to know that Earth day was started on Lenin's 100th Birthday, nice coincidence?


HEY GARANDFAN (& everybody else, for that matter)

You ought to check out the web page for the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

That bunch is a real bundle of joy.

How did you manage during Earth Day? Thomas Friedman, NYT, got a pie...


There is an underlying message here...

It's either "green with envy squared" or "green with envy times two."


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