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CD Cover Idea


This would be the first CD release from an Egyptian soul band that did Nine Inch Nail covers.

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"Egyptian soul band"?
Would that be 'hard rock'?
Hahahahahaha.....sorry too much sun today.


Funny idea...a better name for the band (or the album) might be "Sphinxter."


PERFECT!! (Still laughing....)


The juxtaposition on this one is something, I just don't have quite the words.

Weary Woman/Worn Sphinx.

Tom Wms.:

There's something not quite right about the terms "Egyptian Soul..." and "...Nails" in the same sentence.


...just using "Nine Inch Nails" & "soul" in the same sentence made my skin crawl, even though I know it's a joke.

This Is Spinal Tap meets Dread Zeppelin down at the crossroads by the river Styx.

"Heeellooo Mista Mephistopheles...I havest no soul withst which to bahgain. What might I be able to acquiyah with a wah pedal, a few picks, a scratchy Allan Sherman LP and a broken guitar neck?"


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