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Book Cover Idea


I'd get a big kick out of illustrating a "tell-all" reference book that outed the Boogie Man, Loch Ness Monster, Moderate Muslims, etc.....

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Tom Wms.:


Would that book also expose Jane Fonda (that's a repulsive thought!), Elton John (the real British queen), etc., etc., etc.?


You forgot the Obamassiah, I think it would fall under "Stories & Fables". ;o)


I'm a Terry Pratchett fan and would love to see your take on his characters!

Tom Wms.:


You're right. I also left out Swillary, Ted Kennedy, et al. I thought they might have come under the "etc., etc., etc." category.


Methinks that if this work were exhaustive--covering all the accepted myths & misconceptions of the "dumb masses"--there wouldn't be a cellulose fiber left on the face of the earth...& that's with an original printing of 2, maybe 3 copies.

Hey John:

I love your "monster" drawings. Are you writing the book to go with the cover?

Shalom from Jerusalem


No that I look at it again, reminds me of this political season's lineup.



How insulting!!!

You'd better hope the monsters under your bed & in your closet don't find out how badly you've maligned their brethren.


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