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Given his bluntness, I'm surprised the French didn't hang him.


I believe I read somewhere that the French did convene a pouvoir with the intent of railroading & hanging Johnson for that very reason.

However, when they approached him to apprehend him, he was having a conversation over dinner, gesturing while holding escargot tongs.

One witness is also said to have heard Johnson speaking in Arabic, although his dinner partner simply insisted the Sauvignon Blanc they were having with their first course was inexplicably dry, prompting Johnson to clear his throat once or twice.

In any event, the pouvoir perceived this as an act of indomitable aggression, & promptly surrendered.


I think the croussiant is stale.

I love the "bonque" or is it "bon que". :)


A shame to read this as a french.

We are have more diversity than that, please respect that, as we (for the silent majority) respect your diversity and admire many aspects of your country.

Generalizations are rarely a good thing, it often lead to xenophobia (I say the same thing to some complotists brain-damaged french here).

(sorry for my bad english, but it must be said, I thought the franch-bashing or US-bashing belonged to the past).


As we say here, "lighten up", "take your pack off", "get the chip off your shoulder". The French we love, it's your pious, back-stabbling, socialist politicans we can't stand.


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