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Say What?


Channeling Gunter Flint, Berlin's Neo-Post Modern Nihilist cartoonist.

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"If you' are being a nice kitty, you will enjoying the tuna that is bounced from the floor item which is near clock reading."

Jonathan Hohensee:

"I'm much happier now that I stopped taking my Risperidone medication, Hobbes."


That mustache looks oddly familiar.

At first glance, the kitty looks like an elephant truck.

Hmmmm. Muhammad's beard looks squarer here than I've seen it drawn by Danish cartoonists.

The Marilyn Manson eyes you gave 'the prophet' are a nice touch, however.


"Is this what you did to Alice?"


"So THIS is what he sees when I give him catnip!"


snowdog that's pretty funny

I have the sudden urge to puke, not because of the catnip I just ate, but because I also broke the fourth wall

"Do not even think about it, kitty. My hairy body is not a scratching post."


"Ich bin der verkratzende Pfosten...das ich Sisyphus bin...die Katze ist mein Stein."

"I am Scratching Post...I am Sisyphus...Kitty is my stone."


"I am the scratching post...which is I Sisyphus...the cat is my stone."


FUNNY. I was hoping to see some German in these comments.

Neat Nihilist vibe, too.


When you want nihilism, Germans are the best. How can some of the most beautiful music ever composed come from such psychologically screwed up people?


"In dieser verdrehten Welt
Horizontaler und vertikaler Austausch
I das Katzentoilette
Ich entgehe zur Wand
Was tut die Katze jetzt?"

"In this twisted (rotated) world
Horizontal and vertical exchange (interchange)
I the litterbox
I escape to the wall
What now does the cat? (What does Kitty do now?)


I have no idea how accurate these translations are. I just played around with BABEL FISH for a few minutes.

I actually came up with a few others--& they're hilarious in translation, expecially when you translate from English to German & back again--but I post more than enough as it is.

Why don't some of you give it try?



Last one...in mixed English:

"From der realm of das litterbox, a toxic cloud appeals to me...What are feeding zat cat?!!!"


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