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Step 2: Blog Banner in Progress


I establish where the black tones (cityscape and other details) are in relation to the "finished" color pencil outline of the figures.

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Great progress with the banner! Could you tell us about the tools you are using?

Jonathan Logon:

Ant idea what happened with "Free Range Honky"? The blog is no longer at Blogspot.com... Any ideas?


At the moment it's quite rudimentary....pencil and markers.

I'll go to finish with watercolor and a healthy dose of PhotoShop.


He liked the art...didn't have the energy for actually RUNNING a blog. Go ask him.

Hey guys,

I enjoyed blogging for the most part, but began having problems finding the time and ideas to continue after a couple of months. I was already starting to repeat myself. Thanks to the handful of regulars, though! It was fun for a while.


Hey there again... a bit pressed for time myself, I must say.

Anyway, cheers for showing the creation of art in steps, John. I always enjoy seeing how it's done and how a remote idea turns into a tangible realisation of human creativity. Thumbs up!

Hey John

Today is my birthday and what a good one it's been! My wife surprised me with the entire Black & White World collection! I look forward to them all.

I really miss the Cox & Forkum cartoons.

Keep doing what you are doing!


Congratulations on your birthday! Great gift! On my birthday in 2006, Allen Forkum and Prodos sang "happy birthday" to me! :)

Listen to my interview with Allen. You could read about the development of the cartoon, Core Curriculum.

John: You are next in line... ;)

All the Best,



Nice to hear! I hope you get a big kick out of all those 'toons. Allen and I enjoyed the ride.

Hey Martin

You'll get me to sing when unicorns fly out of my ass. You don't want these pipes inflicting crimes againt music.


You got bad pipes? Heck, the pastor pays me NOT to sing! :o)


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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