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Nick Webb was certain Inspector Qualm had the last bit of inside dope he needed...

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Inspector Qualm reminded Nick of a 16 year old. He had all the answers.

Problem was, Nick's questions didn't match them.

Occasionally Nick was tempted to use his Roscoe on the side of Qualm's head to see if he could jar something loose that he could actually use.

Jonathan Hohensee:

Finally Qualm relented;
"You want to go to the financial aid office, fill out a tuition extention form and file it at the bursars office."
Nick pulled the Roscoe away from Nick's temple, believing that his mission is finally over.
...Unfortenetly some beliefs are wrong.


"You don't know a thing, Qualm. You think I'm looking for the Bread Baron, don't you?" Nick walked up to the inspector, pistol pointed nonchalantly at the other's midriff. "You used to be clever, now you're just old. Shhh," Nick silenced the inspector's bewildered protests. "This deal reaches deeper than you think. I need info on Roy Kennedy."

"Roy Kennedy?" gasped Qualm. "Fargo didn't say anything about Roy getting dirty."

Nick smiled. The ruse had succeeded. Qualm really was getting old. "No, I guess not. Well, I'll be going. See you around, old-timer."

Fargo... yet another link in the chain.

Don't get the reference, but may I suggest that This place is a "put it out there" site?

So you might benefit if you have a large "recent comments" sidebar reference?

Blogs aren't just about "putting it out there" they are also about "understanding the things others think of what you put out there."

I'm just saying. You might prefer those who apply effort, rather than just watching the comments sidebar, but. . .really? you are prolific enough that the comments are someonewhat difficult to keep track of.

In my own blog (not AMA, the other one, that you should not associate, and probably wouldn't anyways) I changed it from 5 to 20, simply because it's the comments that are fun at the hostages.


Sorry, but this is not a place of long screeds about personal stories and ones deadly important philosophical insights.

It's just a playground.

Curses! You found me out. :)

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