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St. Buster


St. Buster is the patron saint of actuaries.

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How'd such a sad face make so many people happy?

Jonathan Hohensee:

Buster Keaton by far is my favorite of the silent film stars. What his body does in The General is utterly beyond what normal human beings should be able to do.


The robe is a bit faded compared to the other saints, but it goes with the facial expression and the background idea, so that's fine.

Btw, how do you draw the saintly circle? Computer graphics? Looks too perfect to be done by hand...


It's called tracing around a discarded cottage cheese container top. I can't afford templates.

Martha Stewart ain't got NUTHIN' on me.


Egads, that should have occured to me. I used that technique for drawing circles when I was a child. Cheers for the info.

Oh btw, it's K-U-K-N, with a K before the N. A family word, means something like "strange funny man".


OOPS....soryr about taht.


No problem.


Love your "Saints" Series. I have St. Ernest, St. Dean, and St. Mark hanging on my cube wall.


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