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HERE WE GO: It's happening. I've stuck my toe into the comic book world along with two writers from Philadelphia and this is just a sample. It's a tale of GOOD vs EVIL and how a U.S. soldier makes his way through it. I'm in the midst of creating this 30 page story and a publishing date is imminant. STAY TUNED for all the glorious tidbits forthcoming. If you were ever curious about what a John Cox book would look like....here ya go.

Learn a little more about this project here.

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I wait with bated breath, John.



This should be good, last comic book of this type that I read featured Sgt Rock of Easy Company.


Nice to see you're working on something ilke this. Hope it turns out well and hope you enjoy doing it.


Can't wait. If the Bill Monster doesn't eat my entire freaking paycheck again, I'll have to pick one up.

Looks great so far John... congratulations.

Hopefully it'll get to my side of the planet... some day.

Shalom from The Holy City,

Yocheved Menashe
Jerusalem, Israel


Thanks for the encouragement. I'm looking forward to having it done in early Nov. Don't be surprised if the occassional page pops up.


Looking forward to more.


Looks awesome. I was just thinking (even went into a couple comic stores to check) that we need an all-American hero type fighting the war of Terror. There are NONE on the shelves right now. Is this where you're headed?


Indeed. Where's Captain America when you need 'im?

Jeff and I are taking a shot at telling a relevant, compelling story about America's war with radical Islam.

Byron Cuddeback:

"a publishing date is eminant"
Did you mean "imminent"? As in "about to happen, or threatening to happen"?
Or "eminent"?
As in "easy to see or notice"?
Just wondering...
I enjoy your artwork.

mike k:

Just a warning, if you thought the hate you received from mocking the sacraments and saints of leftist American pop-culture was bad, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED for the torrent of hate you will receive in the comicbook world.

You can expect to make zero dollars off of the people who buy monthly American comics. Your best bet is to find non-comicshop locations to sell your book such as bookstore chains. The people who go into comicshops to buy comics will freakout if they see anything by you. I can see the library of complaining they each will write about it now.

I always leave the comic shops and websites disappointed because there is NOTHING new. Its all retelling of the same comic book cliches over and over and over. For example, right now in any comic shop you can probably find 10 new books with some football player pushing around a scrawny spiderman type guy, 10 new books with a super hero female who's been raped, 10 new books with an evil corporate business guy, etc, etc. If I read "people fear what they dont understand" one more time I am quitting comics forever.


Also, I think you meant "Stay Tuned" instead of "Stayed Tuned."


Thanks for the help. Still learning how to do this.


I'm going produce this book with the idea there's a built-in audience from my Cox and Forkum stint.

I get the feeling this book is worth doing and I'm certainly curious to find out.


Very good comic.

P. Craig Russell:

John, I've been enjoying your editorial cartoons for the past year, both for their content and for their (your) drawing. I'm looking forward to your graphic story project. Good luck.


Wish you all the best from Spain John!!

By the way, was funny to see that name and more after reading about the comic argument...do you know the etymology of Matamoros...? lol


Indeed. That's the fore-shadowing we were going for...


Another spanish here, John ;) I was going to write the same than Neo... ;)

For those people that doesn't know Spanish, Matamoros = Moorskiller.

The Moors are the muslims of the north west of Africa: Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania.

And, of course, they DON'T LIKE to be called "moros" ;)

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John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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